About SARA

Screen Audience Research Australia is a completely independent research organisation that focuses on understanding the way that australian audiences engage with screen content and media.

Our research covers content and media at all stages of development, and provides an indepth understanding of not just how consumers engage with content but why.

SARA gives deeper and richer insights in support of a thriving australian film and tv industry and better content for all.


SARA's research methodologies include Australian content audience trend studies and white papers, ad-hoc research and audience co-creation as part of the creative and marketing development process.

Audience Finder

Find your primary and secondary target audience and test title options.

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Beat-level script co-creation workshops with audiences.

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Cream Score

At last, an engagement score for content.

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Premonition Screen Testing

Mini and Maxi Audience Screenings, with rich qual and quant insights.

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M3 - Marketing, Media, Messaging

Achieving the desired cut-through in a cluttered environment.

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Attitudinal segmentation of aussie downloaders, torrenters and streamers.